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Isola Bella

Season: from April to September
Hotels for wedding reception: nr. 1

Church for Catholic Cerimony: nr. 1

Civil Cerimony: NO

Isola Bella is one of the most famous destination of  Lake Maggiore. West side, where motorboat and ferries arrive, has a pretty lakeside walk full of little  and characteristic souvenir shops. You could think about a couple of little restaurants on Isola Bella for your wedding reception.
All have lovely terraces facing the Lake, Stresa and Borromeo Gulf. If you are thinking about a small but lovely wedding reception this could be a perfect solution.

Terraces are not wide and still in the main lakeside walk and it could be the perfect setting for an informal lively and pretty event Italian style. Passing over lakeside walk you will find the wide staircase of San Vittore (St. Victor) church. From the entrance of the church you could admire the lakeside promenade, Borromeo Palace and Stresa. A unique scenery.  If you are thinking about a  religious ceremony on Lake Maggiore, San Vittore church could be a perfect solution.

Huge Borromeo Palace and Italian style gardens are masterpieces of some of the most famous architects of 1600. The project aim was mixing palace shapes with the gardens one to create a sort of imaginary ship.
The pier should recall the back of the ship and main palace should recall the front deck. Upper terrace should be the Captain deck. Magnificent Italian gardens are an explosion of roses, lemons, grapefruits, magnolias, azaleas, wisterias and fruits trees. The upper part of the garden is called “amphitheater”. Here Borromeo family and its court assisted to the theater shows.

Amphitheater has ten terraces forming a sort of pyramid. This is decorated with balusters, bushes, obelisks and fine statues. Borromeo Gardens amphitheater could be the perfect frame for a symbolic blessing or for your wedding pictures. All your guests will be amazed


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