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Isola Pescatori

Season: from April to September
Hotels for wedding reception: nr. 1

Church for Catholic Cerimony: nr. 1

Getting married on Pescatori Island (Isola dei Pescatori) means choosing one of the quaintest spot of Lake Maggiore. Ancient roads, lovely views, stone staircases are the main characters. These are all a romantic  escapes for artists, poets and dreamers.

Pescatori Island offers a naive atmosphere. It is perfect for wedding pictures. There is a romantic little church in the middle of narrow roads and a couple of lovely hotel and restaurants with terraces on the lake. They are located in the quietest part of the island far from many tourists visiting the place.

Silence and peace arrive at evening. Lights reflect on lake waters and the scenery here is just amazing. If you are looking for a romantic reception this is the place!

Pescatori island has hosted for centuries a little fishermen community. There are about fifty inhabitants here, some of them are fishermen as their ancestors.


Hotel Verbano


The village preserved the ancient architecture. In spite of its bigger sisters this Island makes us think about a simple and rustic life. The narrow roads don’t have luxury villas but small pastel colored houses with long balconies where fishermen used to dry out fish. Instead of big and luxury gardens here  you will find cobbled  roads and steps, you will admire a romantic and evocative sights!

Historical and medieval center of Pescatori Island is all around San Vittore (St. Victor) church. This is not the same of the church of Isola Bella! This is a small and romantic church. Bride and groom love it because it has a perfect context around it. The church is romanic and it was enlarged in 1300 and again during 1600.

It stlll preserves precious frescoes and woodden statue of Peter and Andrew the apostles who protect fishermen.

Let’s not forget that on Pescatori Island you could also have the opportunity to celebrate your civil ceremony. This is allowed thanks to a special permission given by Stresa town hall.

Hotel Belvedere

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