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Becky & Thomas

"Thank you so much for all you did to make our wedding perfect. We both had an amazing day despite a bit of rain. Despite a bit of rain we wouldn't change a thing.

We appreciated your knowledge and support throughout. Please keep in touch"

                                                          Becky & Thomas

lake maggiore destination wedding planner
lake maggiore destination wedding planner

Andrea& Michele

Somewhere over the rainbow ...

"And after so many years we ride the rainbow of our dreams ... all our emotions have been transported into the reality of a magical day made such by the excellent professionalism and impeccable competence of Emanuela that with passion and attention has been able to grasp all the nuances that we were looking for, listening carefully and confronting each other, finally obtaining a result of class and elegance.
Thank you very much Emanuela for making possible what for us until recently remained just a hope ... dreams can come true thanks to the support of professionals like Emanuela: precise, capable, punctual regarding the timing and respectful of customers' needs directing them towards a better outcome of the final product"

                                                         Andrea & Michele

Yadira & Simone

Surely without his help our best day would not have succeeded at best. You could see that behind everything there was the organization of a professional. He has been able to understand our style to make it better.
Thank you very much for your valuable help and support"

                                                          Yadira & Simone

lake maggiore destination wedding planner
lake maggiore destination wedding planner
Nicholas & Stefania

"Emanuela and her staff guided us by holding hands in this difficult but exciting path.
There have been moments of crisis due to the difficult choices to make, but fortunately we do not regret anything. The preparations were a show. All the guests were speechless. Thanks to Emanuela for having accompanied us on this beautiful journey and for having given a great hand in organizing all the details!
Thanks also for the suggestions given during all these months. An enormous praise goes to the florist who has done a manic and excellent job (we are very naughty about all ahahahah)! Thanks again for every moment."

                                                    Nicholas & Stefania

Veronica & Mattia

Emanuela, always available to satisfy all our requests, the result was truly wonderful! We were really pleased to have entrusted you to her! Recommended for all couples!

                                                          Veronica & Mattia

lake maggiore destination wedding planner
lake como destination wedding planner
Federica & Massimo

Our wedding day was simply perfect and for this we have to thank Emanuela and her staff.
From the choice of suppliers, where we have been put in contact with the best of their kind (location, catering, music, etc.), to good taste and refinement in decorations and fittings, Emanuela helped us and supported us with great professionalism and effectiveness . His help was also fundamental in managing the timing of the organization and the wedding day. We can't do anything but recommend him to all spouses!

Federica & Massimo


Emma & Joseph

"After being let down by out initial wedding planner, Emanuela picked up the pieces and delivered the perfect day for us. Her attention to detail was second to none, especially given the quick turnaround to get everything sorted. Our wedding involved multiple venues and modes of transport, but everything went to plan as we hoped, and it really was the most beautiful day! I only wish we had used Emanuela from the start as there would have been very little stress at all. I would whole heartedly recommend Emanuela to anyone who is thinking about getting married in this beautiful part of the world!!"

                                                         Emma & Joseph

Emma & Joseph-465.jpg
destination wedding planner lake maggiore
Valentina & James

"When one year ago I was wondering if contacting a Wedding Planner would have been the right choice, I was just losing time, the answer is YES, YES and once again YES!!! Welcoming on board Manuela as first officer for the organization of our wedding was the best decision ever!!! Thanks to her huge experience, coordination, great precision and flexibility everything was perfectly arrange for our wonderful take off. Every single details got eventually real under our eyes and the result was amazing!! Thanks for helping us to make our dream come true!"

                                                         Valentina & James

Nicoletta & Stefano

"We relied on Emanuela for the organization of our wedding, which involved a symbolic ceremony at Rocca d'Angera with space set-up and coordination of various services (catering, porterage, music, flower and table set-up, photo shoot) with a fifteen invited from different parts of Italy and abroad. Emanuela was always available to provide clarifications to our questions, to advise us and to discuss with us all the important decisions. The choice between various packages allowed us to immediately have an idea of ​​the costs and therefore to respect the budget target we had set ourselves. Emanuela has been a great help in managing relationships with various suppliers, taking away an important slice of stress. Everything was organized in less than 6 months. The result was excellent with the compliments of all the guests and the full satisfaction of the spouses. Emanuale and one of his collaborators were present on the day of the ceremony from beginning to end to check that everything was going as planned. The day left a beautiful memory to everyone present.!"

                                                       Nicoletta & Stefano

destination wedding planner lake maggiore
destination wedding planner lake maggiore
Caterina & Slawomir

"The wedding day is a really important moment for a couple, and Emanuela has managed to make us live this dream day, giving us memories that will remain in our hearts all our lives. Thanks again Manu, both we and the guests were pleasantly overwhelmed by the fable that I wanted so much, and this was also possible thanks to your help.
What to say to future spouses: it will make your wedding unforgettable, it is the right choice that you can do if you want to dream on a day so special. Thanks again"

Caterina & Slawomir


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